Description No.1

Description No.1

[0500/02/SP/20 1]

Describe an occasion when a group of people are eating together.

The sun is buried in the layer of  cotton clouds, which softly wrapped around it and absorb all its shafts of light of late afternoon. The sky with no sun has faded into a harmony of light-grey and calming pale blue, as if marking the end of a busy day. Between bundles of bushes and closely-planted evergreens, there was a clearing, an area cleared of any large-sized trees, carpeted with shades of fresh green – newly-grown dewy grass, slightly wet from the fog that starts to retreat back into the woods as the sun descents.

In the middle of the clearing there is a ring of irregularly shaped rocks, circling an area that is covered with a thick layer of ash from the burning of a bonfire here a long time ago. Around the ring, three or four lay-down logs were laid, surrounding the ring of rocks, as if being put there on purpose, yet there are no other products made of artificiality here, nor any traces of humans. Somewhere in the woods, the lovely chirp of birds echos into a moving song among the trees.

The ... of a car engine gradually crescents, as if coming closer and closer. The land underneath the clearing slightly shakes as the car approaches the clearing. A white figure of a car appeared between the trees, behind it there is a narrow road that is hardly noticeable. With a sudden sound of braking and the noise made by the friction between the wheels and the carpet of grass, a young girl in her early twenties stepped down, on her hand is a basket filled with raw pieces of chicken and pork and two bottles of unnamed sauces. Looking around, her sight falls onto the pale blue sky, the evergreens, the thick bushes, the logs. As the ring of rocks eventually enters her bright, maroon colored eyes, her sight softens. The place hasn't changed much.

Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath, the moist air with the fragrance of the grass carpet, the mix of rain and dew on every leaf of the evergreens, the aroma of the wet, dark brown bark on their trunks. As the soothing air travels all along her throat into her chest, the recollections buried deep in her heart for years, the scenes she thought she has long forgotten, emerges one by one in her head, as fresh as new.

There is the noise of wheels crashing against twigs and grass coming towards the way of the clearing, a second one behind, then another. Soon, the edge of the clearing is parked with cars. Several young men and women carrying baskets and bags full of food ingredients wave with delight, their eyes seems brighter than ever. Some of them rush towards their old classmates, calling out the names in their memories for the first time in years followed by deep hugs.

The light from the softly glowing sun fades, the forest area is within the embrace of the dark-blue evening sky. The breeze between the woods lovingly strikes on the cheeks of the group of young people, who laid out the ingredients and prepared for the barbecue on a flat rock. The night falls and the clearing is completely without the lighting form the sun. The bonfire was lit, and everyone sit in a circle, each holding a metal skewer full of food brushed with sauces and honey. A few drops of the sauce drips down into the flame underneath the metal rack, which results in the flame growing high all in a sudden, as if being attracted by the delicious food and attempting to have a taste of it first. The girl holding the skewer cried and quickly takes it further away from the fire, "It's alright it's ok, hold it a bit higher" the boy next to her hand her some tissue paper, while the other two sitting on the same log burst into laughter. The mysterious dark clearing is enlightened with the pleasant air filled with joy.